2019 High School Seniors

Calling ALL Seniors!

High School Seniors – Class of 2019

On Location Senior Portrait Session

2019 high school senior

Payden chose his family’s property for his senior portraits.  Learning how to fly at a young age, following in his grandfather’s footsteps, incorporating his family’s plane into his session was important to him.  Along with the beautiful grass airstrip dividing his mom and grandparent’s home, with wooded acres to explore, it was indeed, the perfect place to document him at this wonderful stage in his life. 

2019 high school senior

2019 high school senior

2019 high school senior

Not only because it was beautiful and that he felt comfortable there, it was important and sentimental to both him and his mom.  His family’s plane, his cool- classic car (jealous!), his grandpa’s old truck, baseball and his dog were all things that were important to him.   He had elements that were familiar to him and passions of his future.  Knowing all of this going into the session made it simple to create a relaxed atmosphere because it was his stomping grounds, he felt comfortable.  Knowing what was important to him and his family,  gave us the freedom to explore his property and be creative together.  It’s my job to throw out ideas and he would be game for anything or simply tell me, “that’s cool, but what about this?” I will always take this lead because at the end of the day, these photographs need to represent you and your style.  However you define it!  

2019 high school senior
puppy kisses!!!
2019 high school senior
A boy and his dog

2019 high school senior 2019 high school senior 2019 high school senior 2019 high school senior 2019 high school senior2019 high school seniorI always try to incorporate a photo with mom or your VIP! It’s a nice keepsake for both of you before you start your next chapter in life!

Gabi came at her senior portraits from a different angle.  Traveling from a different zip code, she wanted something completely different than anyone in her school. 

We went to 3 different locations, including my studio and greenspace on Loghill in Ridgway.  Incorporating the beautiful mountains that she loves so much into her photographs was a big priority along with the beautiful aspen trees and ponderosa pines.  She wanted multiple looks with a bunch of different outfits.  Knowing that she wanted to create a beautiful heirloom album from this very special time in her life, gave us the freedom and flexibility to try different things and explore different settings and locations.  Again, bouncing ideas around to her and going for the things that she gravitated towards.  She had the ultimate model experience for the day!

2019 high school senior 2019 high school senior 2019 high school senior 2019 high school senior 2019 high school senior 2019 high school senior 2019 high school senior 2019 high school senior 2019 high school senior 2019 high school senior 2019 high school senior 2019 high school senior

From Ridgway, we cruised to Ouray for an hour.  Visited an old mining ghost town and captured the beautiful mountains.

2019 high school senior 2019 high school senior

Then ended up back on Loghill in Ridgway for sunset.

Please contact me to chat about your vision for your portraits!  I want to know your inspiration as well as any specific ideas you have for the shoot so I can create an experience around your inspiration, working in as many ideas that you have as possible!

To book your senior session please contact Kaycee info@reallifephotographs.com, submit a contact form on my website or call or text.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Check out my latest senior promo:

Calling all Montrose high school seniors, Ouray high school seniors, Ridgway high school seniors and Telluride high school seniors.

Class of 2019

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