Newborn Photography Telluride

It’s a Girl!!

Meet Cleo of Telluride, CO!

My long time friends Dori and Cody gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl this spring!  We were able to photograph Cleo in the first week of her life!  Congratulations!

Most people don’t know this but newborn photographs need to take place in the first 2 weeks of life!  This is how we’re able to get all these snugly, cozy, cute lil’ photographs of them.

Meet Cleo! One of my faves of the day!

Meet Cleo! One of my faves of the day!


Meet Big Sis- Jia!


LIttle Jia is SUCH a HAM-BONE!!


The Crowe Ladies!

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One of my faves from the day!



One month later we were able to capture the whole family!  Thank you to my dear dear friends Dori and Cody for allowing me to capture such an amazing time in your lives! I love you all dearly! Love your Kaycee K


One of my faves from the day!


SOOOOOOO Loving this!


My Little Jia June Bug! Love your Kaycee K

039 030 028 021 005 010 008 035 041 044 050 052 054 056 057 059 063 065 067 069 036This last image had Dori and I in stitches! LOL!! I had to include it!  Thank you dearly for your continued business and friendship! I love you all dearly!

You may not know this but I have had the honor of photographing Dori and Cody’s engagement photographs, their wedding, their first pregnancy, Jia’s newborn photography session, Jia’s first year in portraits, their second pregnancy and Cleo’s newborn photography session all in the beautiful town of Telluride, CO.

Real Life photographs specializes in all of those special moments including: Newborn photography, Kids portraiture, Weddings, Engagements and more.  Please contact me today for more information at


Telluride Engagement Session

Meet my new friends Carrie and Brenda!  I had the pleasure of meeting them last spring during a trip to Denver, CO.  We met at one of their favorite restaurants in Denver to discuss their wedding in Telluride 2015.  We shared our love of our pups, music and the beautiful outdoors….oh and of course what they were thinking of their wedding for the following summer!  In short, we had a ball!

Meet Brenda and Carrie!

Meet Brenda and Carrie!

Carrie, Brenda and they’re adorable pup Jack came out to Telluride last month to do some site tours so they could decide where they wanted to get married, so while they were here we photographed their awesome engagement photographs!  Check em’ out! We had so much fun!

Meet Jack!

Meet Jack!


One of my faves!

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So at the end of the session, Carrie and Brenda had this fabulous idea of playing with colored corn starch……Here’s what happened!!

look at those looks!!

Look at those looks!! So loving where this is about to go!


One of my favorites -Post war!! 🙂

0048 0049 0050 0052 0053 0065 0066 0067 0068 0070 0071 0073I truly enjoyed this amazing time with my new friends!  Thank you so much Brenda, Carrie and Jack for this beautiful day!

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Here’s what Brenda and Carrie said about their images:

Hi Kaycee!

Wow, I am over the moon with these photos!!

Not only did you showcase what I love most about Telluride but you managed to capture “us” in ways I never thought possible.  You were able to bring our emotion, goofiness and love to life.  I looked at these pictures and I said to myself, “she really gets us.” It is such a gift to have you share this moment with us. We thought we were coming into this adventure securing a fantastic photographer (which we did) but we more importantly, have gained a friend. Thank you for pouring your heart into these pictures – it really shows.  You can really see the great energy all three of us have working together.  Carrie and I have already shared the slideshow with our bridal parties and aside from making them laugh, cry and swoon they cannot say enough about how good you are and how good we look!  🙂  Bravo!
These photos make me even more excited for the wedding day!  Thank you for your hard work.
Your rad friend,
Hey Kaycee,
Ditto everything Brenda said 🙂 BOTH of our maid of honors said they cried while looking through the pictures so we took that as a good sign. Bonus points for the music selection. We both LOVED Wild Cub. I’m huge on music so your rad factor just got bumped up a couple notches 😉 Oh yeah, and way to get some great pictures of Jack! He’s always so sly about avoiding the camera and he looked so handsome. Good thing we got some pictures in before the cops came!

Cheers Friend!!


Seattle Family Session

My Clients and Friends- Clay and Myckal, who just moved into their gorgeous new home in Seattle just up from Golden Gardens asked me to come out this spring to photograph their beautiful family!  It was a typical Seattle rainy day so we stayed in doors and had some fun with this Seattle Family Session.


gilge_Mini Book Back

A cool product I offer is a mini book! Holds 10 of your favorite images.

gilge_Mini Book Front

Mini Book- Holds 10 of your favorite images and is an accordion front and back of your faves.


My favorite of the day!  All snuggled in bed!

My favorite of the day! All snuggled in bed!

Thank you for this amazing honor!  For more information on my next visit to Seattle, WA please email me at

It’s looking like May 2015!

Enumclaw Family Photography

Jill is one of my best friends.  I’ve known her since the day after I was born- literally!  Our mothers roomed together in the hospital by chance and from that moment on we’ve been friends. Pretty Amazing to be friends with someone for 37 years! Meet Jillsy, one of my BFF’s 🙂

2013-07-16 11.16.36

Every year Jill and her gorgeous family come down to Ridgway, Colorado to visit and I always have the honor of photographing them while they’re here but this year just didn’t work out!  Luckily, I was able to sneak in a super fun shoot with the girls while I was home at my parents river property in Enumclaw, WA.  Jillsy did an amazing job styling this fun shoot!  Enjoy!  You should know I love these girls more than you will ever know!!  Love Auntie Kace


Seriously?????? !!!!!!!!! Loving this!


Sisterly LOVE!


Fave of the day of Miss Z!!!

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My Favorite of Miss P!

My Favorite of Miss P!

Enumclaw, WA Family Photography Sessions

Every May I leave the mud season of Colorado and head back to my home town of Enumclaw, WA.  My parents still live there in Enumclaw, AKA–the Claw, as well as my oldest sister and her family in Tacoma plus that’s where I went to college- UW and the Art Institute of Seattle.  So I’m always spoiled by good friends and family.  Plus, I started Real Life in Seattle in 2006 so I have a very cool client base there that I’m always super excited to catch up with!

I have had the amazing honor of photographing Kelsey and Tony’s family over the last 6 years!  We always bring out the bear skin rug(OK it’s not really bear:) and photograph each of their kiddos picture on it between 8-10 months!  So I’ve had this amazing honor 4 times!

Meet Ben!




One of my faves of the day!


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There’s something so Charlie’s Angels about this image and I love it!


Thank you Kelsey and Tony for being a part of the Real Life Family! I value your friendship and business so incredibly much!

060 065 067 072This session was photographed at my parents river property in Enumclaw, WA.  For more information about future photography sessions when I’m home in Enumclaw and Seattle please contact Kaycee at: