Telluride Winter Elopement

Telluride Winter Elopement, Gotta love it! Have I told you lately that I love my job?!!

A Telluride winter elopement is one of the most romantic things a couple can do, in my opinion! A majestic, snowy setting with the one that you love.  It doesn’t get much better than that- eh?


A Telluride winter elopement allows you the time to travel to different locations, to have your photographs taken with no timeline!

I love capturing the little moments in between the moments.  This gorgeous couple didn’t even know I was photographing them at the time.


Telluride winter elopements allow you the time to have fun and be your self!  Without a large guest list you can make your day about the things that truly matter. However the two of you define this.



From the first phone conversation I had with John, I knew my photography style would be a wonderful fit for him and his wife to be.  John and Derleen have been dreaming about getting married in Telluride for a couple of years and thought that winter would be perfect!  They actually wanted to be married in a blizzard!  And a blizzard is what they got 🙂

telluride winter elopement

Catching snowflakes on her tongue! Love this!

They braved the cold weather!  With their hand full of guests, we took a couple of photographs in the sideways snow and then headed down to Allred’s Restaurant where we were able to finish their portraits inside where it was warm!  They had an amazing intimate meal and I headed home.  Their day was exactly what they wanted and it was an honor to be a part of it!

telluride winter elopement

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I’ve lived in the Telluride area for over 15 years and have been a Telluride wedding photographer since 2008.  Started my wedding photography business in 2006 and have never looked back.  I love what I do!!!  Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

If you’re getting married in another beautiful location, drop me a line, it would truly be an honor to be a part of your day!  I travel nationally and internationally!

Top 3 Tips for the best Engagement Photographs

Awe, Engagement Photographs!  Having just photographed a beautiful engagement photography session in Telluride, Colorado a few days ago, I had this thought on my drive home.  How can I help my friends and others get the best wedding and engagement photographs?

engagement photograph


First, Make sure that you connect with your photographer.  As corny as this sounds connection is so important!  When looking for a photographer, be sure to have contact with them. Email, phone calls and an in person consultation come highly recommended.  Make sure that your personalities mesh well and ask what to expect from your engagement session.  Utilize this engagement session as a test run for your wedding.  The more trust you build, the better the end result.  Plus, it’s very important for your photographer to see what makes the two of you tick as a couple.  Are you silly, romantic, fun-loving, energetic, introvert…the list goes on and on.  You want your photographer to capture YOU and however YOU define your relationship!

Telluride Engagement Session

Second, spontaneity in a photograph is your friend!  Trust that your photographer will choose a beautiful back ground, make sure the lighting is perfect etc, when they’re ready to start photographing, play to the unexpected of your beloved.  Whisper something playful, beautiful or crazy in their ear, the emotion it evokes is “real”.

engagement photography

Kiss when YOU want to kiss!  When this comes from you, again, it’s real and more natural then when your photographer asks for it. Be playful with your kisses!

Telluride Wedding Photography

Running brings out the inner child in EVERYONE.

Give a twirl, have a dance.

Third.  The most common question that I get asked is what to wear in your engagement photographs?  Honestly, as long as you stay away from loud prints, large company logos, thick stripes and just wear clothes that are comfortable!  If you don’t where khaki’s in real life then don’t where them to your engagement session.  Don’t feel the need to be matchy matchy, just let your individual personalities shine!

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