Gorrono Ranch Telluride Wedding

Gorrono Ranch Wedding in Telluride, Colorado!
gorrono_telluride_wedding (34)gorrono_telluride_wedding (49)On June 28, 2015, Nicole and Robert were married in an absolutely gorgeous wedding at Gorrono Ranch, in Telluride, CO.  In preparation, Nicole got ready at Telluride Mountain Lodge. She had her hair done by Jen Achter, from XY Salon, and her makeup applied by Erin Cain. Her beautiful bouquet from New Leaf Design was waiting for her to carry down the aisle. Their beautiful day was planned by Meehan and Telluride Unveiled and went off without a hitch!  Along side the wonderful staff of TSG at Gorrono Ranch provided an unforgettable time, meeting the needs of everyone while providing a 5 star meal in the most gorgeous setting!

gorrono_telluride_wedding (1)

New Leaf Floral Design

New Leaf Floral Design

gorrono_telluride_wedding (10)

Amazing Hair done by Jen Achter, from XY Salon

gorrono_telluride_wedding (3)

Makeup applied by the fabulous Erin Cain.

gorrono_telluride_wedding (5) gorrono_telluride_wedding (6)
She looked flawless as we went to meet Robert at the fishing pier in Mountain Village. As we pulled up, raindrops started falling. We offered Nicole an umbrella, but she respectfully declined it as she walked to see her future husband for the first time. gorrono_telluride_wedding (8) gorrono_telluride_wedding (9)gorrono_telluride_wedding (18)

It was easy to shoot stunning photographs of this gorgeous couple. Although Robert and Nicole live in San Diego, they both feel a special bond with the mountains. Something we bonded over the first time we met a year earlier.  It was simple to be at ease in this magical environment. These two are a prime example of true love and it makes my job easy to capture the essence of this special bond. Having photographed their engagement a year before, I could see how much their love had grown–what a gift to witness!! Their excitement and anticipation for their wedding day was evident, but the love between them was palpable.  I LOVE MY JOB!!!

gorrono_telluride_wedding (56)



Thank you Sarah for capturing this shot of me (my amazing assistant and bestie 🙂gorrono_telluride_wedding (15) gorrono_telluride_wedding (14) gorrono_telluride_wedding (13) gorrono_telluride_wedding (12) gorrono_telluride_wedding (11)

After the pier, we took the gondola up to San Sophia Station on the Telluride Ski Resort. We were able to capture beautiful photographs of these two with Telluride below them. gorrono_telluride_wedding (57)

gorrono_telluride_wedding (26)

What a gorgeous back drop for their ceremony at Gorrono Ranch in Telluride, CO

gorrono_telluride_wedding (17)

San Sophia Overlook, Telluride Colorado

gorrono_telluride_wedding (19)

San Sophia Overlook, Telluride Colorado

gorrono_telluride_wedding (16)

The ceremony was officiated by Martinique Davis Prohaska, of Wellspring Ceremonies. Marti as we call her, does such an incredible job officiating, providing everyone with the back story of Nicole and Robert’s love and relationship.  She presided over the beautiful vows which brought the bride, groom and other onlookers to tears, and also filled the group with love and laughter.

gorrono_telluride_wedding (28)gorrono_telluride_wedding (29)

gorrono_telluride_wedding (27)It was a heartfelt ceremony for this lovely couple, who’s love has grown along with the garden they planted together at home.   Their families and friends came from far and wide to witness Robert and Nicole walk down the aisle of Gorrono Ranch, with Wilson Peak in the background, and profess their love to each other. Their parents beamed with pride watching their children say I do. 

gorrono_telluride_wedding (53)

gorrono_telluride_wedding (54)As the couple kissed, the crowd was overjoyed, and the party began. 
gorrono_telluride_wedding (30)
gorrono_telluride_wedding (20)

gorrono_telluride_wedding (32)

Gorrono Ranch Telluride Wedding

gorrono_telluride_wedding (31) gorrono_telluride_wedding (21)

Their scrumptious cake was created with love by Jean Louis at Telluride Specialty Cakes!

gorrono_telluride_wedding (25)



gorrono_telluride_wedding (38)

What an incredible staff at Gorrono Ranch! 5 star service! Love love love this venue!


This beautiful photo wall was a creative touch by the fabulous Meehan of Telluride Unveiled

This beautiful photo wall was a creative touch by the fabulous Meehan of Telluride Unveiled

gorrono_telluride_wedding (24)

Robert and Nicole told me I received major bonus points if I was able to capture Marmots frolicking at any point throughout the day!! How did I do???!!!! {Insert giggles here!}gorrono_telluride_wedding (37)

The 5 Star meal I was raving about!! Pan seared trout and filet mignon served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus! YUMMY!!!

gorrono_telluride_wedding (40)

Makes your mouth water doesn’t it???

gorrono_telluride_wedding (39)

gorrono_telluride_wedding (41) gorrono_telluride_wedding (42)

What an honor to witness and capture such JOY + LOVE!

gorrono_telluride_wedding (47) First dance song was “Fade into you” by Mazzy Starrgorrono_telluride_wedding (44) gorrono_telluride_wedding (45) Everyone danced the night away with music from Aiko Aiko Sound but the sound system came all the way from San Diego, CA–Robert’s pride and joy — Beautiful Sound!  What a perfect compliment to the Beautiful people!gorrono_telluride_wedding (46)

Thank you for allowing me to capture such a loved filled day, it is such an honor and a gift to be a part of such a blessed event!  I know we will be life long friends! I adore you to pieces!

gorrono_telluride_wedding (48)

And a HUGE thank you to this amazing creative team! Peace and Gratitude!

Planner – Meehan Fee of Telluride Unveiled – http://www.tellurideunveiled.com

Venue – Gorrono Ranch – http://www.tellurideskiresort.com

Florist – New Leaf Design – http://www.newleaftelluride.com

Hair – YX Salon – Jen and Shayla – https://www.facebook.com/pages/YX-Salon/151487394963805

Makeup – Erin Cain – zthreebears@aol.com

Officiant – Martinique Davis Prohaska – Wellspring Ceremonies – http://wellspringceremonies.com/

Cake- Jean-Louis Capelli – http://www.telluridespecialtycakes.net

DJ – Aiko Aiko Sound – Dean – http://aikoaikosound.com

Lodging – Telluride Mountain Lodge – http://www.mountainlodgetelluride.com/

Transportation- Telluride Express

Photography – Real Life Photographs – http://reallifephotographs.com

For more information on Telluride wedding photography services or photography services world wide, please contact Kaycee at info@reallifephotographs.com or visit www.reallifephotographs.com


Robert and Nicole requested a photo with me!!! AWE!!! Adore you two!

Robert and Nicole requested a photo with me!!! AWE!!! Adore you two!

San Sophia Telluride Wedding


Carey and Joe were married on June 26, at San Sophia in Telluride. Carey got ready at The Hotel Madeline, before taking the Gondola to meet her soon to be husband, Joe, and their wonderful families and friends. She was an absolutely stunning bride.Telluride_Wedding_Photos-2 Telluride_Wedding_Photos-5 Telluride_Wedding_Photos-3

Carey’s father met her on the path from the gondola, and he walked her to her mother who was waiting for her on the steps of San Sophia, overlooking Telluride. They walked Carey, the last of their daughters to marry, down the aisle where her handsome groom stood waiting.  The look on Joe’s face was filled with such love and admiration as he looked up to see his beautiful bride walking down the aisle.
Telluride_Wedding_Photos-6The flowers from The Garden Store matched the white of Carey’s dress, and the blue accents matched Joe’s tie and the bluebird sky which made the perfect backdrop for their ceremony. The officiant was Telluride’s mayor, Stu Fraser. His gift of a key to the Town of Telluride will forever remind them of their gorgeous wedding day. Telluride_Wedding_Photos-7 Telluride_Wedding_Photos-8 Telluride_Wedding_Photos-9 After the ceremony, Carey and Joe shared their first dance, with the town of Telluride below them and a beautiful moon over the mountaintops. They danced to Elvis crooning “I can’t help falling in love with you”.  It was an exceptional day for this exceptional couple. Their love and beauty was seen and felt by everybody who was fortunate enough to join them in Telluride that day. Telluride_Wedding_Photos-10Thank you for this amazing honor of being able to capture this gorgeous moment in time for you! I hope you had a blast on your honeymoon! Peace and Gratitude–Kaycee


Vendors that made it possible for this blessed San Sophia Telluride Wedding-

Wedding Planner – Telluride Unveiled- http://www.tellurideunveiled.com

Florist – The Garden Store – http://gardenstorehome.com/pages/floral-gallery

Venue – Telluride Ski and Golf – San Sophia Overlook and Allred’s- http://www.tellurideskiresort.com/groups-weddings/weddings/

Cake – Cake Creation by Susan

Lodging – Hotel Madeline – http://www.madelinetelluride.com

Officiant – Stu Fraser

Photography – Real Life Photographs – http://reallifephotographs.com

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Telluride Spring Wedding

Lindsey and Justin were wed on the first day of spring in Telluride, CO.

I had the pleasure of meeting them last summer in Seattle where they live and we were able to capture some great engagement images of the two of them.   I remember thinking, How cool is that? I have the honor of photographing their engagements in Seattle and their wedding in Telluride–two of my favorite places!  From Puget Sound to the San Juan Mountains, their wedding day was absolutely beautiful!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing honor.  You, your family and friends were so much fun to work with, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!


0030 0033 0034 0010


From Seattle

To Telluride

telluride_spring_wedding (30)

To Telluride (elevation gain 9500 ft 🙂


So in love with these shoes!!!

So in love with these shoes!!!

telluride_spring_wedding (2)telluride_spring_wedding (1)telluride_spring_wedding (4)telluride_spring_wedding (5)telluride_spring_wedding (8)telluride_spring_wedding (7)telluride_spring_wedding (6)telluride_spring_wedding (9)telluride_spring_wedding (10)telluride_spring_wedding (12)telluride_spring_wedding (11)telluride_spring_wedding (13)telluride_spring_wedding (15)telluride_spring_wedding (16)telluride_spring_wedding (17)telluride_spring_wedding (18)telluride_spring_wedding (19)telluride_spring_wedding (20)telluride_spring_wedding (21)telluride_spring_wedding (22)telluride_spring_wedding (25)telluride_spring_wedding (24)telluride_spring_wedding (27)telluride_spring_wedding (26)telluride_spring_wedding (23)telluride_spring_wedding (28)telluride_spring_wedding (29)telluride_spring_wedding (31)telluride_spring_wedding (32)telluride_spring_wedding (33)telluride_spring_wedding (35)telluride_spring_wedding (34)telluride_spring_wedding (40)telluride_spring_wedding (39)telluride_spring_wedding (38)telluride_spring_wedding (37)telluride_spring_wedding (36)telluride_spring_wedding (41)telluride_spring_wedding (42)telluride_spring_wedding (44)telluride_spring_wedding (43)telluride_spring_wedding (45)telluride_spring_wedding (46)telluride_spring_wedding (47)telluride_spring_wedding (48)telluride_spring_wedding (49)

LOVE this!

LOVE this!

T hank you again for this amazing honor of capturing this special day for you!  Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness!  I will get you your slideshow this week!  Many blessings to you and yours!

Venue:  Peaks Resort and Spa- http://www.thepeaksresort.com

Wedding planner: Polished Fun – http://www.polishedfun.com

Florist:  New Leaf Floral- http://www.newleaftelluride.com

Dj: Aiko Aiko Sound – http://www.aikoaikosound.com

Videographer:  Larisa Graham – http://www.larisagraham.com

Second Photographer: Nicko Fergeson

If you’re getting married in the Telluride, CO or Seattle, WA in the near future and are in need of a wedding photographer, please contact Kaycee Clark at info@reallifephotographs.com or on the web at www.reallifephotographs.com

Many Blessings!!!

Telluride Elopement

Telluride Elopement at the top of Prospect!

telluride_elopement (24)

Alli and Keving eloped from Vernon, BC.  Not far from where my mom grew up or where my auntie lives now.  Such a small world!  We connected over the simple mountain life we both live, laughed about the angry inch that happens every winter and how it’s totally ok to blow off work for a powder day!  Thank goodness, I’m my own boss!

They left their mountains in British Columbia and visited Crested Butte, Silverton and ended their trip with their “I do’s” in Telluride, CO!  Honestly, they hit all of my favorite places–what a cool elopement!  With a very emotional and personal ceremony in the vast beauty of Telluride with Palmyra Peak in the back ground– their day was pure perfection.  We started with portraits in the town of Telluride …..

telluride_elopement (9)

One of my faves from the day!

telluride_elopementtelluride_elopement (13) telluride_elopement (12) telluride_elopement (11) telluride_elopement (10) telluride_elopement (8) telluride_elopement (7)

telluride_elopement (4) telluride_elopement (3) telluride_elopement (2)

and then jumped on chair 7 (the oldest chairlift) and made our way to Prospect ridge.

telluride_elopement (15)

LOVE this image!!

telluride_elopement (16) telluride_elopement (14)

I just adore the fact that I get to wear my skis to work!!! Pretty rad!

telluride_elopement (23) telluride_elopement (22) telluride_elopement (21)

Thank you Andy for another beautiful ceremony!

telluride_co_elopement (5) telluride_co_elopement (4) telluride_co_elopement (3) telluride_co_elopement (2) telluride_co_elopement (1)

telluride_co_elopement (12)

There’s just something about this image that screams Kevin and Alli!! Just adore you two!!

telluride_co_elopement (8) telluride_co_elopement (7) telluride_co_elopement (6)telluride_co_elopement (17) telluride_co_elopement (16) telluride_co_elopement (15)

And Iove that you asked me to be a witness!telluride_co_elopement (14) telluride_co_elopement (13)

Then they changed back into their ski gear for a few more photos before they went on to ski the rest of this goegeous day!!

telluride_co_elopement (20)

This idea is SO COOL!!!  Never seen anyone rock the old school lift tickets! LOVE THIS!!

This idea is SO COOL!!! Never seen anyone rock the old school lift tickets! LOVE THIS!!

telluride_co_elopement (21)telluride_co_elopement (28) telluride_co_elopement (27) telluride_co_elopement (26) telluride_co_elopement (25) telluride_co_elopement (24) telluride_co_elopement (23)Kevin and Alli, I adore you both to pieces and know that you will have a lifetime of love, laughter and pure bliss!!  I also know that on this amazing day, I made 2 dear friends for life! I can’t wait till our paths cross again in the near future!! To Mr. and Mrs. Frame!!

For more information on Telluride Elopements or weddings in the San Juan Mountains, please contact Kaycee at info@reallifephotographs.com or give a ring at 970.275.5637–Thanks so much for stopping by!



Fall Telluride Wedding

Happy Anniversary to Trey and Sara who celebrate their second anniversary this week!  Your Telluride, CO wedding was so incredibly beautiful.   Thank you for allowing Real Life Photographs to be a part of the journey.0346

I love this ring shot

I love this ring shot

The wedding and reception was held at Gorrono’s Ranch.

Gorrono Ranch Weddings | Telluride, Colorado

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