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What to consider when hiring your Telluride wedding photographer.

Telluride wedding photographer Kaycee Joubert offers Colorado brides the very best in wedding photography.  Whether you’re getting married in Ridgway, Ouray, Telluride or anywhere else in the world, here are some tips to help you choose the best wedding photographer for you!

Telluride wedding photography


Ouray Wedding Photography

Ouray Wedding Photography

Are you getting married in one of the beautiful nearby mountain towns in the San Juan Mountains?  

Ridgway Wedding Photography

Ridgway Wedding Photography

Who will be your wedding photographer?

Telluride Wedding

Telluride Wedding

Telluride Wedding PhotographyHere is a list of some of the things you should consider when looking for a wedding photographer.

  1. Personality
    San Sophia Telluride Wedding

    San Sophia Telluride Wedding

    When selecting a wedding photographer you are selecting more than just a photographer for your wedding day.  You are hiring a wedding photographer that will be with you, your family and friends all day on your wedding day.  Personality is a huge part of the selection process and should not be overlooked or discounted in any way.  

    San Sophia Telluride Wedding

    I love it when my clients ask for a photograph with me

Telluride Wedding

Peaks Telluride Colorado

Your Wedding photographer’s personality can set the tone for your entire wedding day and your bridal party.  Ultimately it can impact your wedding photography altogether. 

Telluride Wedding Photography

Gorrono Ranch Telluride

Telluride Wedding photography

Peaks Wedding Telluride


Telluride Wedding

Telluride Wedding

San Sophia Telluride Wedding

San Sophia Telluride Wedding

2. Wedding Photography Price 

While price is usually a factor when your selecting your Telluride wedding photographer, it should not be the only thing that matters.  All too often we hear horror stories from brides who made a decision for their wedding photography based purely on price.  I truly believe you get what you pay for and when it’s all said and done, your wedding photography will be all you have to remember your wedding day.  Price is based on service to you, talent and experience.

3. Wedding albums

In this crazy, digital age, wedding albums are a must.  What will you do with all your images from your wedding photographer?  Most people opt to place them in a beautifully designed wedding album. This is a service your wedding photographer should provide for you.  Don’t underestimate the importance of a wedding album from your wedding day.  This is your first family heirloom and your one keepsake you will have forever to remember your wedding.  In this digital age, computers die and hard drives can fail.  Provide your family with a beautiful wedding album.

When selecting a wedding photographer you should look for an album that best represents you and your new family.  Wedding albums come in all shapes and sizes.  Questions to ask your wedding photographer:

  1. How many pages come in the wedding album?
  2. How many images will be in the wedding album?
  3. What leather options are available from my wedding album?

4. Coverage 

Something often overlooked when selecting a wedding photographer is the number of hours that will be offered during the coverage of your Telluride wedding.  Real Life Photographs has been in the wedding photography business more than 10 years, and can help determine the adequate number of hours based on your wishes for your wedding day.  We are familiar with travel times between locations and never want you to feel rushed or stressed on your wedding day.  Their number one goal is your wedding day experience, all the while providing you and yours beautiful images to cherish for a lifetime.

San Sophia Telluride Wedding

San Sophia Telluride Wedding

5.  Number of Wedding Photographers

Gorrono Ranch Telluride Colorado

How many wedding photographers will be at your event?  Depending on your party size, will dictate whether you need two photographers.  Although, regardless of size, two Telluride wedding photographers ensures that one wedding photographer is focused on working with your group while the second wedding photographer is covering the details .  4 eyes covering your wedding day is better than two!  We find that having two local Telluride wedding photographers at your event, who knows the area well, can best meet your wedding photography needs while ensuring that nothing gets missed from your big day!  It’s those little moments in between the big moments that we strive to capture.  For example, the look your groom will give you as you’re walking down the aisle, or that moment your father sees you for the first time in your wedding dress, or your mom’s expression as your dancing with your dad on your wedding day. Whether you have one wedding photographer or two, Real Life Photographs is there to capture your wedding day in an unobtrusive, fun way!Ridgway Wedding Photography

Telluride Wedding Photography

Peaks Telluride Wedding

Telluride Wedding Photography

Gorrono Ranch Telluride Colorado Wedding

Real Life Photographs is a Telluride, Colorado based wedding photography service offering wedding photography in Telluride, Ridgway, Ouray, Silverton Colorado and worldwide.  For more information about our wedding photography please visit or call Kaycee Joubert at 970.275.5637

Telluride Elopement

Telluride Elopement in the beautiful setting of Mountain Village in Telluride, Colorado.

Tom and Libby Eloped in Telluride, Colorado in August 🙂

Telluride Elopement

One of my favorite images from the day!!!

Tom and Libby met 3 years ago and literally fell in love immediately! Her words not mine!  They wanted to say their “I do’s” with just them and elope in beautiful Telluride, Colorado.  They felt like a Telluride elopement was, “just their style”.

Telluride Elopement

I didn’t get to meet them until the day they said, “I do” but we had several phone conversations leading up to their beautiful, heart-felt day in Telluride.  It was through these conversations that I learned what “their love” was about and who they are as a couple!  They set out to climb Mount Sneffels, a 14,000 foot peak here in Telluride, CO the day before their elopement.  A couple after my own heart, to explore life’s wonders, an adventure with your best friend and to just be with one another surrounded by a view like no-other.  Tom and Libby, I simply adore you two and who you are as individuals and a couple.  I believe the images from your Telluride elopement convey this lovely gift you share.


Telluride ElopementTelluride ElopementTelluride Elopement

Telluride Elopementtelluride_elopement (9)telluride_elopement

Thank you Tree Cooper with Alpine Chapel for being the beautiful human being that you are and for always creating the most heart felt and beautiful ceremonies.

Thank you Tree Cooper with Alpine Chapel for being the beautiful human being that you are and for always creating the most heart felt and beautiful ceremonies.

Telluride ElopementTelluride Elopementtelluride_elopement (13)

telluride_elopement (4)Telluride Elopementtelluride_elopement (17)194

For more information on Telluride Elopements or Weddings, please contact Kaycee Joubert at

We strive to give you the best experience, while creating beautiful, timeless images that will last you and yours a lifetime.  You will be well taken care of from beginning to end.  With over 11 years of wedding and elopement photography experience we know how to plan for every great photo opportunity.  Please give us a call today so we can chat about what you want for your wedding day.  Call Kaycee at 970.275.5637

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Ouray Colorado Engagement

Ouray Colorado Engagement!

What a blast I had photographing this Ouray, Colorado Engagement session.  Kevin and Natasha have been dating for over 9 years and I’ve had the honor of knowing them for about 8 of them.  Lucky me!  I am so excited that they will be married next summer in Ouray, Colorado.

Here is a few of my favorites from this Ouray, Colorado Engagement session.

One of my faves 🙂


It is always an honor to be considered to photograph someone’s love.  Whether it’s for an engagement session or for someone’s wedding day, It is such an amazing compliment and honor.  For more information on Ouray wedding photography, Ouray engagement sessions, Telluride, Colorado or anywhere in the world, please contact Kaycee Joubert at or visit me online at

Thank you for stopping by! Kaycee

Telluride Winter Elopement

Telluride Winter Elopement, Gotta love it! Have I told you lately that I love my job?!!

A Telluride winter elopement is one of the most romantic things a couple can do, in my opinion! A majestic, snowy setting with the one that you love.  It doesn’t get much better than that- eh?


A Telluride winter elopement allows you the time to travel to different locations, to have your photographs taken with no timeline!

I love capturing the little moments in between the moments.  This gorgeous couple didn’t even know I was photographing them at the time.


Telluride winter elopements allow you the time to have fun and be your self!  Without a large guest list you can make your day about the things that truly matter. However the two of you define this.



From the first phone conversation I had with John, I knew my photography style would be a wonderful fit for him and his wife to be.  John and Derleen have been dreaming about getting married in Telluride for a couple of years and thought that winter would be perfect!  They actually wanted to be married in a blizzard!  And a blizzard is what they got 🙂

telluride winter elopement

Catching snowflakes on her tongue! Love this!

They braved the cold weather!  With their hand full of guests, we took a couple of photographs in the sideways snow and then headed down to Allred’s Restaurant where we were able to finish their portraits inside where it was warm!  They had an amazing intimate meal and I headed home.  Their day was exactly what they wanted and it was an honor to be a part of it!

telluride winter elopement

If you’d like more information about elopement pricing or to see more of my Telluride winter elopement work or perhaps another time of year, please contact me at

I’ve lived in the Telluride area for over 15 years and have been a Telluride wedding photographer since 2008.  Started my wedding photography business in 2006 and have never looked back.  I love what I do!!!  Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

If you’re getting married in another beautiful location, drop me a line, it would truly be an honor to be a part of your day!  I travel nationally and internationally!

Top 3 Tips for the best Engagement Photographs

Awe, Engagement Photographs!  Having just photographed a beautiful engagement photography session in Telluride, Colorado a few days ago, I had this thought on my drive home.  How can I help my friends and others get the best wedding and engagement photographs?

engagement photograph


First, Make sure that you connect with your photographer.  As corny as this sounds connection is so important!  When looking for a photographer, be sure to have contact with them. Email, phone calls and an in person consultation come highly recommended.  Make sure that your personalities mesh well and ask what to expect from your engagement session.  Utilize this engagement session as a test run for your wedding.  The more trust you build, the better the end result.  Plus, it’s very important for your photographer to see what makes the two of you tick as a couple.  Are you silly, romantic, fun-loving, energetic, introvert…the list goes on and on.  You want your photographer to capture YOU and however YOU define your relationship!

Telluride Engagement Session

Second, spontaneity in a photograph is your friend!  Trust that your photographer will choose a beautiful back ground, make sure the lighting is perfect etc, when they’re ready to start photographing, play to the unexpected of your beloved.  Whisper something playful, beautiful or crazy in their ear, the emotion it evokes is “real”.

engagement photography

Kiss when YOU want to kiss!  When this comes from you, again, it’s real and more natural then when your photographer asks for it. Be playful with your kisses!

Telluride Wedding Photography

Running brings out the inner child in EVERYONE.

Give a twirl, have a dance.

Third.  The most common question that I get asked is what to wear in your engagement photographs?  Honestly, as long as you stay away from loud prints, large company logos, thick stripes and just wear clothes that are comfortable!  If you don’t where khaki’s in real life then don’t where them to your engagement session.  Don’t feel the need to be matchy matchy, just let your individual personalities shine!

For more information on an engagement photographs and/or Wedding photography please contact Real Life Photographs at



San Sophia Telluride Wedding


Carey and Joe were married on June 26, at San Sophia in Telluride. Carey got ready at The Hotel Madeline, before taking the Gondola to meet her soon to be husband, Joe, and their wonderful families and friends. She was an absolutely stunning bride.Telluride_Wedding_Photos-2 Telluride_Wedding_Photos-5 Telluride_Wedding_Photos-3

Carey’s father met her on the path from the gondola, and he walked her to her mother who was waiting for her on the steps of San Sophia, overlooking Telluride. They walked Carey, the last of their daughters to marry, down the aisle where her handsome groom stood waiting.  The look on Joe’s face was filled with such love and admiration as he looked up to see his beautiful bride walking down the aisle.
Telluride_Wedding_Photos-6The flowers from The Garden Store matched the white of Carey’s dress, and the blue accents matched Joe’s tie and the bluebird sky which made the perfect backdrop for their ceremony. The officiant was Telluride’s mayor, Stu Fraser. His gift of a key to the Town of Telluride will forever remind them of their gorgeous wedding day. Telluride_Wedding_Photos-7 Telluride_Wedding_Photos-8 Telluride_Wedding_Photos-9 After the ceremony, Carey and Joe shared their first dance, with the town of Telluride below them and a beautiful moon over the mountaintops. They danced to Elvis crooning “I can’t help falling in love with you”.  It was an exceptional day for this exceptional couple. Their love and beauty was seen and felt by everybody who was fortunate enough to join them in Telluride that day. Telluride_Wedding_Photos-10Thank you for this amazing honor of being able to capture this gorgeous moment in time for you! I hope you had a blast on your honeymoon! Peace and Gratitude–Kaycee


Vendors that made it possible for this blessed San Sophia Telluride Wedding-

Wedding Planner – Telluride Unveiled-

Florist – The Garden Store –

Venue – Telluride Ski and Golf – San Sophia Overlook and Allred’s-

Cake – Cake Creation by Susan

Lodging – Hotel Madeline –

Officiant – Stu Fraser

Photography – Real Life Photographs –

Having a wedding at San Sophia Telluride or somewhere else in Telluride, Colorado?  For more information on Telluride wedding photography please contact Kaycee at


Telluride Spring Wedding

Lindsey and Justin were wed on the first day of spring in Telluride, CO.

I had the pleasure of meeting them last summer in Seattle where they live and we were able to capture some great engagement images of the two of them.   I remember thinking, How cool is that? I have the honor of photographing their engagements in Seattle and their wedding in Telluride–two of my favorite places!  From Puget Sound to the San Juan Mountains, their wedding day was absolutely beautiful!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing honor.  You, your family and friends were so much fun to work with, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!


0030 0033 0034 0010


From Seattle

To Telluride

telluride_spring_wedding (30)

To Telluride (elevation gain 9500 ft 🙂


So in love with these shoes!!!

So in love with these shoes!!!

telluride_spring_wedding (2)telluride_spring_wedding (1)telluride_spring_wedding (4)telluride_spring_wedding (5)telluride_spring_wedding (8)telluride_spring_wedding (7)telluride_spring_wedding (6)telluride_spring_wedding (9)telluride_spring_wedding (10)telluride_spring_wedding (12)telluride_spring_wedding (11)telluride_spring_wedding (13)telluride_spring_wedding (15)telluride_spring_wedding (16)telluride_spring_wedding (17)telluride_spring_wedding (18)telluride_spring_wedding (19)telluride_spring_wedding (20)telluride_spring_wedding (21)telluride_spring_wedding (22)telluride_spring_wedding (25)telluride_spring_wedding (24)telluride_spring_wedding (27)telluride_spring_wedding (26)telluride_spring_wedding (23)telluride_spring_wedding (28)telluride_spring_wedding (29)telluride_spring_wedding (31)telluride_spring_wedding (32)telluride_spring_wedding (33)telluride_spring_wedding (35)telluride_spring_wedding (34)telluride_spring_wedding (40)telluride_spring_wedding (39)telluride_spring_wedding (38)telluride_spring_wedding (37)telluride_spring_wedding (36)telluride_spring_wedding (41)telluride_spring_wedding (42)telluride_spring_wedding (44)telluride_spring_wedding (43)telluride_spring_wedding (45)telluride_spring_wedding (46)telluride_spring_wedding (47)telluride_spring_wedding (48)telluride_spring_wedding (49)

LOVE this!

LOVE this!

T hank you again for this amazing honor of capturing this special day for you!  Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness!  I will get you your slideshow this week!  Many blessings to you and yours!

Venue:  Peaks Resort and Spa-

Wedding planner: Polished Fun –

Florist:  New Leaf Floral-

Dj: Aiko Aiko Sound –

Videographer:  Larisa Graham –

Second Photographer: Nicko Fergeson

If you’re getting married in the Telluride, CO or Seattle, WA in the near future and are in need of a wedding photographer, please contact Kaycee Clark at or on the web at

Many Blessings!!!

New Year’s Day Telluride Elopement

Rebecca and Jeff met me at the top of Prospect Bowl with ski’s and snowboard attached.  I met Andy Konigsmark, from Alpine Chapel, for the first time and he conducted this beautiful Telluride elopement at the top of Prospect!  It was truly a beautiful morning as it snowed on us with moments of sun!  I hope you enjoy this one of a kind Telluride Elopement!

Telluride_Elopement (27)

One of my favorite images of the day!


Jeff suprised Rebecca with brand new Kate Spade champagne flutes along with their favorite bottle of Domaine Carneros Bubbles! Awwwwww…..So thoughtful!!

Telluride_Elopement (1) Telluride_Elopement (2)Telluride_Elopement (7) Telluride_Elopement (6) Telluride_Elopement (5) Telluride_Elopement (4) Telluride_Elopement (12) Telluride_Elopement (11) Telluride_Elopement (10) Telluride_Elopement (9) Telluride_Elopement (8) Telluride_Elopement (13)Telluride_Elopement (14) Telluride_Elopement (15)Telluride_Elopement (16) Telluride_Elopement (17) Telluride_Elopement (18) Telluride_Elopement (19) Telluride_Elopement (20) Telluride_Elopement (28) Telluride_Elopement (26) Telluride_Elopement (25) Telluride_Elopement (24) Telluride_Elopement (23) Telluride_Elopement (31) Telluride_Elopement (34) Telluride_Elopement (35)

We stopped by Alpino Vino for a few photos, where they were going to have their wedding dinner that evening!

We stopped by Alpino Vino for a few photos, where they were going to have their wedding dinner that evening!

After this we headed back to the hotel Madeline and they got dressed up for the evening!

Telluride_Elopement (41)Telluride_Elopement (42) Telluride_Elopement (43)Telluride_Elopement (44)  Telluride_Elopement (40) Telluride_Elopement (39) Telluride_Elopement (38)Telluride_Elopement (45)Telluride_Elopement (48) Telluride_Elopement (47) Telluride_Elopement (46)Telluride_Elopement (56) Telluride_Elopement (55) Telluride_Elopement (54) Telluride_Elopement (53)Telluride_Elopement (58) Telluride_Elopement (59) Telluride_Elopement (57) Telluride_Elopement (62) Telluride_Elopement (63) Telluride_Elopement (65) Telluride_Elopement (66) Telluride_Elopement (67)

Thank you so much for this amazing day!  I loved spending this time with you.  You two are such kindred spirits.  I am truly happy for you and know that we will be life long friends! Muah!!

For more information on Telluride Elopements or Telluride Wedding Photography please contact me at or visit me online at

Thank you for stopping by!

New Years Eve Telluride Elopement

I met Rebecca and Jeff on New Year’s Eve in Telluride, Co.  This was their first time in Telluride and man, did they go through the ringer to get here!  They were to fly in to Montrose, CO on the 30th of December.  They were going to stay the night and drive to Telluride, CO in the morning of New Year’s Eve so they could obtain their marriage license by 1pm in Telluride!  They were to elope in Telluride the following day!

Well, weather got in the way! The airlines cancelled their flight from Denver to Montrose.  Determined to get their marriage license by 1pm in Telluride the following day so they could get married on New Year’s Day, they rented a car and drove ALL NIGHT!!!  They made it to the courthouse with no time to spare!  All things considered, they were determined to have these portraits taken on December 31, 2014.

Dressed, weary eyed, up for 35 hours by the time I hugged them for the first time–they were still all laughs, smiles, giggles and very much in love!  I felt such honor to be able to capture this moment in time for them.  It truly filled my heart with such joy.   We laughed and had the best time together.  I knew the following day, photographing their Telluride elopement, was a dream come true!

Man, I love what I do!

Telluride winter weddings

Telluride, CO Courthouse

Telluride_Engagement (1) Telluride_Engagement (2) Telluride_Engagement (3) Telluride_Engagement (4) Telluride_Engagement (5) Telluride_Engagement (6)

One of my favorites of the day.

One of my favorites of the day.

Telluride_Engagement (8) Telluride_Engagement (9) Telluride_Engagement (10) Telluride_Engagement (11) Telluride_Engagement (12)

Telluride Engagement Session

Another Fave!

Telluride_Engagement (14) Telluride_Engagement (15) Telluride_Engagement (16)What a beautiful couple! I know I will be friends with these two for a lifetime! Stay tuned for my next post of their Telluride Elopement!  xox

Telluride Engagement Session

Meet my new friends Carrie and Brenda!  I had the pleasure of meeting them last spring during a trip to Denver, CO.  We met at one of their favorite restaurants in Denver to discuss their wedding in Telluride 2015.  We shared our love of our pups, music and the beautiful outdoors….oh and of course what they were thinking of their wedding for the following summer!  In short, we had a ball!

Meet Brenda and Carrie!

Meet Brenda and Carrie!

Carrie, Brenda and they’re adorable pup Jack came out to Telluride last month to do some site tours so they could decide where they wanted to get married, so while they were here we photographed their awesome engagement photographs!  Check em’ out! We had so much fun!

Meet Jack!

Meet Jack!


One of my faves!

0031 0029 0032 0040 0045 0043 0038 0037 0035 0024 0026 0019 0018 0017 0015 0010 0004 0001

So at the end of the session, Carrie and Brenda had this fabulous idea of playing with colored corn starch……Here’s what happened!!

look at those looks!!

Look at those looks!! So loving where this is about to go!


One of my favorites -Post war!! 🙂

0048 0049 0050 0052 0053 0065 0066 0067 0068 0070 0071 0073I truly enjoyed this amazing time with my new friends!  Thank you so much Brenda, Carrie and Jack for this beautiful day!

To schedule your engagement session, please call or email me at

Here’s what Brenda and Carrie said about their images:

Hi Kaycee!

Wow, I am over the moon with these photos!!

Not only did you showcase what I love most about Telluride but you managed to capture “us” in ways I never thought possible.  You were able to bring our emotion, goofiness and love to life.  I looked at these pictures and I said to myself, “she really gets us.” It is such a gift to have you share this moment with us. We thought we were coming into this adventure securing a fantastic photographer (which we did) but we more importantly, have gained a friend. Thank you for pouring your heart into these pictures – it really shows.  You can really see the great energy all three of us have working together.  Carrie and I have already shared the slideshow with our bridal parties and aside from making them laugh, cry and swoon they cannot say enough about how good you are and how good we look!  🙂  Bravo!
These photos make me even more excited for the wedding day!  Thank you for your hard work.
Your rad friend,
Hey Kaycee,
Ditto everything Brenda said 🙂 BOTH of our maid of honors said they cried while looking through the pictures so we took that as a good sign. Bonus points for the music selection. We both LOVED Wild Cub. I’m huge on music so your rad factor just got bumped up a couple notches 😉 Oh yeah, and way to get some great pictures of Jack! He’s always so sly about avoiding the camera and he looked so handsome. Good thing we got some pictures in before the cops came!

Cheers Friend!!