High School Senior-WA

When I attended the University of Washington from 1996-2001, I landed the coolest job ever!  I was able to nanny for the most amazing family, who is still part of my chosen family to this day!  I was responsible for 2 adorable children, Maggie and Charlie.  When I started Maggie was two and a half and Charlie was 5 months.
This is us in my dorm room at the U, not the best quality photo but you get the point!  Cutest kids ever!
Ahhhh I love how you can see my autographed poster of John Stockton in the background!2014-07-21 13.41.05So this year Charlie graduated from High School and Maggie turned 21! Man, If that doesn’t make you feel older, I don’t know what does!  I was able to photograph Charlie’s senior photographs and then last month, they hired me again to update the artwork on their walls of their family!  More to share on that later! But here’s a great shot of all of us that Maggie’s friend Raquel captured with my camera-  Even Barley too!
0100Here’s some of my favorite images from his High School Senior Portraits!

Favorite Image of the day!

006 008 019 029 032 037 045 050So grateful to be a part of such an amazing family! So proud of you Charlie who is attending University of Idaho ! Much love! xoxoxo

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