How to look natural in your wedding photos

If you’re camera shy and are wondering how to look natural in your wedding photos. Even if you’re not getting married, these tips will help ease your fears of being in front of the camera. Perfect tips for an engagement session too!

Focus on each other

Focus on the connection that you share. Be as affectionate towards each other as you feel comfortable. Hold hands, cuddle and do what feels right to you. Remember, there’s no rule for what’s right during your camera time. Whatever is authentic to you and your relationship. Even a kiss looks more natural when it comes spontaneously from you. At first, you may feel nervous or uncomfortable in front of the camera. But chances are your fiancé feels the same way too. Laugh through the awkwardness together and your connection will shine through.

Try doing something you love together

Another great way to loosen up and look more natural during your wedding photos is to have them taken while doing something you love. Sometimes your timeline or location won’t allow but I encourage you to build it into your day. Maybe you enjoy hiking, skiing, dancing, snowshoeing etc. Whatever is special to you two–do that! Doing a shared activity that you both love will make the shoot feel authentic to who you are as a couple. Plus, it takes your mind off of having your photo taken. It will give you something to focus on that isn’t the camera.

Making the Poses your Own

A great wedding photographer will suggest poses throughout the portrait session or your wedding day. But feel free to make adjustments to these poses to make them your own. Try different things until it feels right to you two. If the way you’re standing or sitting feels uncomfortable or awkward to you, switch it up. Feeling comfortable is the key to looking natural. Let me say this again, FEELING COMFORTABLE IS THE KEY TO LOOKING NATURAL. Always make sure to be doing something with your hands and arms. For the ladies, try touching your hair, playing with your clothes or holding your fiancé’s hand. For the fellas, put your fingers or thumb in your pocket, put your hand on the small of your fiancé’s back or simply touch their waste. If you’re going to go in for that smooch, touch their face or hair. Or, if that’s not you, then don’t. The key is—to try different things that are natural to you! Your photographer will help guide you to what looks great. But if you’re not feeling it, then you need to communicate to them.

Spontaneity and Trust

It evokes a natural and authentic emotion in a photograph. It can be beautiful, romantic, adventurous, playful, silly, fun loving etc; The list goes on. If you define your relationship as romantic and fun loving. I may have you try dancing or twirling. Holding your partner’s hand and run towards the camera. Running brings out the inner child in everyone. Picking your fiancé up and spinning around.

For the romantic side, I’d put you in a pose that has your faces nice and close together. And then, I’d have your fiancé whisper something into your ear. Not whisper “something” but….Something that he/she would say to you, that was truly meaningful and beautiful to the two of you. Something that would make their heart melt. The reaction that follows is beautiful. It’s emotion that you can’t ask for. these prompts will help you evoke genuine emotion and a natural expression.

Connect with Real Life Photographs

Thank you very much for taking the time to stop by my blog. Because you’re still reading means you’re into my work. I’m truly blessed to do what I love for a living. I appreciate your time checking out this article on how to overcome your camera fears. Whether you’re getting married in Telluride or somewhere else in the world. I look forward to hearing from you.  To find out more information on how to create natural looking photographs.  Please call me 970.275.5637 or connect here. 

We have simplified the process to wedding photography and how to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Once we’ve connected and I have your date free. Real Life Photographs will walk you through every step on how to be comfortable in front of the camera and the photography planning process.

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