Intimate Telluride Wedding

Telluride-wedding-photographer, telluride-wedding , Telluride-elopement-photographer , Telluride-elopement San-sophia-overlook-wedding , telluride-wedding and events , mount-wilson-wedding
Telluride-wedding-photographer, telluride-wedding , Telluride-elopement-photographer , Telluride-elopement
Telluride-wedding-photographer, telluride-wedding , Telluride-elopement-photographer , Telluride-elopement San-sophia-overlook-wedding , telluride-wedding and events , mount-wilson-wedding
Telluride-wedding-photographer, telluride-wedding , Telluride-elopement-photographer , Telluride-elopement San-sophia-overlook-wedding , telluride-wedding and events , mount-wilson-wedding

An intimate Telluride wedding differs from a Telluride elopement in many ways. For one, there is no secrecy like that of an elopement. Secondly, the key difference from a standard wedding is the size of the guest list. There is often some type of reception after the ceremony. However, it does not contain all the bells and whistles of a large reception. The focus is on keeping the reception simple yet enjoyable for your guests.

Speaking of guests, the challenge of who to invite and who not to invite is always an issue with weddings. An intimate wedding involves more guests than an elopement yet fewer guests than the standard wedding. Narrowing your guest list to specific people without causing hurt feelings is hard. Think about the reason you wanted an intimate wedding in the first place. Once you complete your list, do spend time going over the details. You can also create a larger guest list for the reception while keeping the ceremony limited to close friends and family.

Intimate weddings make for great destination weddings. Making Telluride, Colorado very ideal for an intimate wedding.

The good news is that when it comes to celebrating your love, there are a variety of options. Once you choose either to elope or to have a smaller, intimate wedding, planning for your ceremony photography is important. As a wedding photographer based in Telluride, Colorado, I’m honored to capture your special day. Here are two key and helpful factors to keep in mind when it comes to my services and your ceremony:

Telluride Elopement Pricing and Availability

Pricing — Elopements involve less time to photograph and due to the nature of the ceremony, result in more portrait style photography.  I charge by the hour or have a 3 hour collection including a 100 image 10×10 album which is more than enough to include all of your favorite images for $3000.

Availability — My availability for elopements is limited to Monday-Thursday at $600 per hour. Friday through Sunday at $650 per hour. If you decide that sealing your love just can’t wait, chances are the day of the week won’t matter. Plan for a weekday intimate wedding and save some money! Just give me a heads-up as to your plans. I consider myself a spontaneous person! However, as much notice as possible helps me to pack my best equipment and to arrange my schedule.

Your wedding day is a lifetime event. Whether you choose elopement in the courthouse or among the trees of the national park, or you plan a small, intimate wedding, capturing your day with professional photography is a must.

Telluride Wedding Vendors

Telluride Wedding and Events

Telluride Wedding Flowers

Telluride Wedding Photographer Real Life Photographs

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Connect with Real Life Photographs

Thank you very much for taking the time to stop by my blog. I’m truly blessed to do what I love. I appreciate your time checking out this beautiful and intimate Telluride wedding. Whether you’re getting married in Telluride, Colorado or somewhere else in the world, I’d love to hear from you. To find out more information about elopement photography. Or my collections, offerings and how I can best serve you please call me 970.275.5637. I’d love to hear from you otherwise fill out my contact form here

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Please contact me by giving me a call or filling out a contact form on my website here:

To find out more information about elopement photography, my collections, offerings and how I can best serve you please call me 970.275.5637, I’d love to hear from you otherwise fill out my contact form here

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