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Telluride Wedding at the Observatory Alta Lakes

The Observatory at Alta Lakes, Telluride Wedding

Elopement Alta LakesElopement Alta Lakes Elopement Alta LakesElopement Alta Lakes

Elopement Alta Lakes Elopement Alta Lakes Elopement Alta LakesElopement Alta Lakes Elopement Alta Lakes Elopement Alta LakesElopement Alta LakesElopement Alta Lakes Elopement Alta Lakes Elopement Alta Lakes Elopement Alta LakesElopement Alta Lakes Elopement Alta Lakes

Telluride Wedding, The First Look

I urge my couples to do first looks for multiple reasons. First, it gives you the chance to soak it in, embrace, and experience the emotions without hundreds of pairs of eyes on you. Second, it allows us to knock out the posed photos so we can cruise through the festivities with candid shots that you’ll love. Lastly, it gives me the chance to sneak into your reception during cocktail hour and photograph all of the hard work you’ve done!

The reason Graham and Gaby chose a first look, is they wanted that time alone.  Even with only 7 people in attendance to their wedding, they wanted that time.  With a small wedding there really isn’t a timeline, there’s an outline but no timeline.   You’re able to take the day as it comes and enjoy every moment.

Observatory Wedding Telluride Observatory Wedding TellurideObservatory Wedding Telluride Observatory Wedding Telluride Observatory Wedding Telluride The Observatory Telluride

The Wedding at the Observatory

Their ceremony was heartfelt, emotional and absolutely stunning with the Observatory’s gorgeous backdrop.  They walked each other down the aisle and Andy Konigsmark from Alpine Chapel was their officiant. Telluride Wedding PhotographyTelluride Wedding PhotographyTelluride Wedding Photography Telluride Wedding Photography

Telluride Wedding Photography

Telluride Wedding Photography

Telluride Wedding Photography Telluride Wedding PhotographyObservatory WeddingObservatory Wedding Alta LakesObservatory Wedding Alta Lakes

Observatory Wedding Alta Lakes
One of my favorite moments on a wedding day is capturing the pure bliss that occurs immediately after the ceremony. Love this shot of them!

Observatory Wedding Alta LakesObservatory Wedding Alta LakesObservatory Wedding Alta Lakes

Why wouldn’t you have a little fun during your family portraits?  Yes, I have an outline of the family photographs I always capture but I like to make it fun, unexpected.  Spontaneity is where the magic can happen in a photograph.  It’s my secret weapon.  In the photo above, aren’t you wondering what was said so that everyone looks so relaxed and happy?Observatory Wedding Alta Lakes

After the ceremony we had all the time in the world to explore the beautiful property and try different things!  Bottom line, to capture THEIR love , THEIR relationship…..THEM! 🙂Portraits at the ObservatoryTelluride Observatory Wedding Portraits Telluride Observatory Wedding Portrait Telluride Observatory Wedding PortraitTelluride Observatory Wedding Portraits Telluride Observatory Wedding PortraitsTelluride Observatory Wedding Portraits Telluride Observatory Wedding Portraits

And when you’re at the Observatory, I highly recommend the canoe, because why wouldn’t you on your wedding day?!!

The Observatory Canoe Telluride The Observatory Canoe TellurideThe Observatory Canoe Telluride

Dancing at the ObservatoryDancing at the Observatory

Dinner at the ObservatoryA table set for 9 and a lovely meal prepared by all of them was how I left this amazing family.  Loved this wedding at the Observatory in Telluride Colorado.Dinner at the Observatory

Hi I’m Kaycee Joubert, owner of Real Life Photographs, and I love to capture moments that are gone in a blink of an eye and turn them into extraordinary heirlooms.  You know the kind of photos that transport you the minute you hold them in your hands. I’ve been in your shoes, I’ve planned a wedding, and I know now that long after the cake has been eaten, and your dress has been hung, your photography will be one of the only things that remains after your special, precious day. These are your first heirlooms as a new family, so please choose someone who will cherish them as much as you will.  I look forward to connecting with you!  Thanks for stopping by–CHEERS!  Whether you’re getting married in Telluride, Colorado or somewhere else in the world Real Life Photographs documents weddings all over the world!

Capturing the love, magic and adventure of your day!

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