10 Questions about Wedding Photography

10 Common Photo Questions about wedding photography

10 Questions about wedding photography you should know when hiring a wedding photographer. Whether you’re getting married in Telluride, Co or somewhere else in the world. Here are some common questions that I get asked so I thought I would share.

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What makes a good wedding photography portfolio?

What makes a good wedding portfolio? Are there particular things that I should I look for? When it comes to photography, keep your eyes peeled for crisp images and attractive poses. Often photographers show only their best work in the hopes of landing a new client. Ask to see photos from five or six different events, plus proofs from a recently photographed wedding. Your photographer should show you a wedding story from beginning to end.

One or Two Wedding Photographers?

Should I hire two photographers, or is one enough? The rule of thumb is one photographer per 50-75 guests. A second photographer typically supports the principal photographer and costs extra. If you opt for only one photographer, it’s best to choose someone who works with an assistant. The aide will help the photographer set up shots, handle equipment and make sure every thing runs smoothly. 4 eyes are always better than 2 and if wedding photography is important to you, than I recommend two photographers.

First Look or Not to First Look

When should the bride and groom have their photographs taken? Before the ceremony, your makeup is fresh, you’re excited about what lies ahead, and you’ll have more time to party at the reception plus more time with your future spouse. But if you don’t want your groom to see you in your dress pre-ceremony, you have two main options. Get a few photos out of the way pre-ceremony, such as Bride with immediate family and bridesmaids, and same with the groom. Then tackle the rest after the ceremony. That way, you’ll have fewer to pose for between the ceremony and reception. Second option is to schedule all photos between the ceremony and the reception. Keep in mind to budget 2-3 minutes per family pose or breakdown. This is a good rule of thumb and will help you budget time accordingly.

Plan Ahead

Make sure all family members know when and where the family photographs are taking place. Plus, make a list of all the important special requests. Such as: college friends, cousins, work friends. These are portraits that can be taken at the cocktail hour or at the reception. If you do a first look than you can take care of all your photos before the ceremony allowing more time with your spouse and more time with your friends and family.

What is it that I really want?

Wedding collections come in all different shapes and sizes. The multitude of options can make you feel like a parent on school picture day. If your head is spinning, make a list of all the elements you are really interested in. Do you want an wedding album, parent albums, proofs and digital proofs, gift prints, piece of art for your wall from your wedding day, 2 photographers etc. Choose the collection that has the most add-ons for your needs, but don’t skimp on time for your wedding day. Remember that the photographs are what you have left when it’s all said and done; besides your beautiful marriage!

Something to Consider

A good rule of thumb: if you’re not seeing each other before the ceremony 1-2 hours of photography coverage minimum before the ceremony is needed. If you are seeing each other before the ceremony allow 3-4 hours to get all of the getting ready (details, makeup, dress, you and your girls), first look photographs, formal portraits, family portraits, bridal party portraits etc. Make sure that your contract allows you to add items post wedding day and if needed more time on wedding day. Depending on your wedding photography budget will help you determine what you can afford. Most couples spend 10-15% of their wedding budget on photography.

Photography Tip

Tip : Ask your photographer if they offer a full day coverage. Real Life Photographs offers a full day coverage. Starting an hour before the dress goes on till your end of the night send off.

Wedding Photography Contract

What should be in the wedding photography contract? Each contract (signed by both parties) should spell out the work you are hiring the professional to do and should include:
*Contact information for both parties
*Dates, times, wedding and reception locations.*Package details
*Photographer’s copyright policy
*When and how you will receive your album, prints and digital negatives *How long the photographer will keep your digital negatives
*Total cost
*Reordering prices
*Deposit amount
*Payment due dates
*Cancellation and refund policy – Now with COVID-19 a reality, make sure there’s a clause in the contract that has to do with Acts of God that protects you.

Who Owns the Rights to my Wedding Photos?

Who owns the photographs-me or the photographer? The photographer owns the exclusive legal rights, which means you probably can’t use the pictures for publication with out the photographer’s consent. This is something very important to talk about with your photographer. Every photographer is different. Real Life Photographs offers a copyright release agreement. Although the studio owns the rights to the photographs, we allow permission to use the photographs for personal reasons. Such as, using them for social media, or printing for home use. Be sure to check out the contract for specifics about the copyright policy.

How to Look your Best in your Wedding Photos

Schedule an engagement session. This is the best way to rip off the bandaid and get comfortable in front of the camera. Not only would you have timeless photographs of you and your beloved, but also this allows you to work out all of the kinks before the wedding day. It allows your photographer to see how you and your fiancé interact. Are you silly, serious, passionate, reserved, conservative, outgoing, spontaneous? The more information the photographer knows about the two of you, the better they will be able to capture truly YOU!

Posing Tips

When posing, put your weight on your back leg (slightly pushing your bum backwards) stretch your front leg slightly out in front of the camera. If you’re worried about your neck or double chins, practice the “Chicken” in front of the mirror. Pulling your shoulders down, elongate your neck while pulling your chin out and slightly down. Appoint a friend to keep pressed powder and lip gloss handy for your touch ups. Be sure to ask your photographer if your digital negatives will be touched up or raw right out of the camera. For more information on how to look your best in your wedding photos, check out this article.

No to Disposable Cameras

Is it a good idea or a bad idea to provide guests with disposable cameras?Now that everyone has gone digital, there’s no need to ruin the table aesthetic or waste the money. Encourage guests to share their snapshots on websites like shutterfly.com, kodakgallery.com, where you can view, share and download photographs. You can also assume that guests will share on social media.
One Idea: is to have a photo booth at your reception to get fun, silly, candid shots of your guests. Provide props for them to have fun with!

What Will the Photographer Wear?

How can I tactfully ask what the photographer will wear? It’s perfectly acceptable for you to ask the photographer what he or she wears to a wedding. Keep in mind that he/she needs to be comfortable but typically they wear all black or dark colors so they won’t stand out and it hides the dirt easily for them.

For Images to last, Use a Professional Lab

Should I print my own photographs or use my photographer’s professional lab? Professional photographer’s lab fees are more expensive, there’s no doubt about it. Why should I invest $50-$100 for an 8×10 when I can print it myself for a couple bucks? Great question, what most people don’t know is the time and care the photographer puts into their artwork. Printing photographs from consumer labs you will have slight color casts to your photos and often times you can run into focus issues when the negative is tack sharp.
At a professional lab, they will spray each print with a protective coating that will help against fading. Use archival inks and high quality photographic paper. Have you ever noticed images that you printed yourself, how they will fade over time? It goes back to getting what you paid for, this could also be said about about photography services as well.

Telluride Wedding Photographer

Real Life Photographs photographed their first Telluride wedding in 2005 on film. And has been hooked ever since. Averaging 15-20 weddings per year. (Ok, I’m not going to lie, I had to use a calculator.) That’s well over 300 weddings since 2005. I also went to a commercial photography school because I wanted to learn lighting. Knowing how to light everything from food, people, fashion and architecture come into play at a wedding. Plus, Colorado can have some harsh lighting conditions with all of the sun! And on the flip side, snow is just as tricky! I know how to put you at ease in front of the camera and will capture your day the way you want it to play out!

Connect with Real Life Photographs

Thank you very much for taking the time to stop by the blog. Because you’re still reading means you’re into my work. I’m truly blessed to do what I love for a living. I appreciate your time checking out this article on the 10 questions about wedding photography. Whether you’re getting married in Telluride or somewhere else in the world. I look forward to hearing from you.  To find out more information on how to create natural looking photographs.  Please call me 970.275.5637 or connect here. http://reallifephotographs.com/contact/ 

Real Life Photographs has simplified the process to wedding photography. Once we’ve connected and I have your date free. Real Life Photographs will walk you through every step. How to be comfortable in front of the camera and the photography planning process. We’ve got your back through the whole process!

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