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a boutique telluride photographer

Kaycee Joubert and Real Life Photographs is a boutique Telluride photographer. After selling the digital files for so many years, I realized I’ve been doing my clients a disservice. It’s time for change and this is my passion. Creating custom beautiful art pieces of the ones you cherish most! Capturing these special moments and giving away the digital files isn’t enough. I need to educate my clients on the importance and power of print.

boutique telluride photography

Digital Files

What do people really do with their digital files? Trust me, I get it. You want them on your phones and tablets or even a screen saver on your computer. And I do give them away, because in my mind, they’re not worth anything. But really, there’s a bigger picture. Will they stand the test of time? Will these digital files be here 20 years from now? Hard drives fail, computers crash, CD/DVD’s of images fade and phones get dropped in toilets. For REAL!! My job and my passion is to create heirloom artwork of these special milestones. Artwork and printed pieces that WILL be around for future generations to see.

A moment I’ll never forget

The past 14 months during the pandemic, has really given me the time to think about what’s truly important. For instance, time. What a gift. The time I had with my family during this crazy year. The time away from my extended family. It was the time I had to myself because there wasn’t the distraction of work and life. All of it.

boutique photography artwork

My parents decided 2 months ago to sell their home of 27 years. Packing, cleaning, schlepping, getting rid of all the crap. But, what was left after 2 weeks of hard work, was the essentials. Clothes, furniture, bedding, all the typical things. Plus, a large amount of portraits and wall portraits. Framed photographs, large canvases, countless photo albums, my grandparent’s wedding portrait, my grand parents photograph’s from childhood and pictures of my ancestors.

A boutique telluride lifestyle photographer

These special moments documented and preserved for future generations. It’s something I’ve always done for myself and my family. And my family has done it for over 100 of years!

a boutique telluride photographer real life photographs

For instance, I’ve brought it up to my clients. Or, maybe even mentioned in it, but I don’t believe I’ve ever expressed it’s importance! The value of a printed piece. I’m afraid that this younger generation isn’t going to have anything preserved for their kids. And their kid’s grandchildren!

a boutique telluride photographer real life photographs

In conclusion, how will you preserve your next milestone? For example, a large wall portrait? Or if that’s not your vibe, perhaps a book or album. A collection of matted prints. No matter your choice, invest in forever! Real Life Photographs will walk you through the entire process and will hold your hand.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to stop by my blog. Because you’re still reading means you’re into my work. I’m truly blessed to do what I love for a living. I appreciate your time checking out this blog article on Real Life Photographs, a boutique Telluride photographer.

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