Newborn Photography Telluride

It’s a Girl!!
Meet Cleo of Telluride, CO!
My long time friends Dori and Cody gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl this spring!  We were able to photograph Cleo in the first week of her life!  Congratulations!
Most people don’t know this but newborn photographs need to take place in the first 2 weeks of life!  This is how we’re able to get all these snugly, cozy, cute lil’ photographs of them.

Meet Cleo! One of my faves of the day!
Meet Cleo! One of my faves of the day!

Meet Big Sis- Jia!

LIttle Jia is SUCH a HAM-BONE!!

The Crowe Ladies!

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One of my faves from the day!
One month later we were able to capture the whole family!  Thank you to my dear dear friends Dori and Cody for allowing me to capture such an amazing time in your lives! I love you all dearly! Love your Kaycee K
One of my faves from the day!

SOOOOOOO Loving this!

My Little Jia June Bug! Love your Kaycee K

039 030 028 021 005 010 008 035 041 044 050 052 054 056 057 059 063 065 067 069 036This last image had Dori and I in stitches! LOL!! I had to include it!  Thank you dearly for your continued business and friendship! I love you all dearly!
You may not know this but I have had the honor of photographing Dori and Cody’s engagement photographs, their wedding, their first pregnancy, Jia’s newborn photography session, Jia’s first year in portraits, their second pregnancy and Cleo’s newborn photography session all in the beautiful town of Telluride, CO.
Real Life photographs specializes in all of those special moments including: Newborn photography, Kids portraiture, Weddings, Engagements and more.  Please contact me today for more information at

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