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Real Life Photographs has been a Telluride Family Photographer since 2005.  Taking the more photojournalistic approach to family photography, Kaycee loves getting to know her clients on a personal level. Giving them an experience unlike any other.  Exploring the beautiful setting you have chosen for us, documenting what happens next.  Guiding you every step of the way, engaging the kiddos and dogs so everyone is having fun.  Having the freedom and time to just be and warm up to the camera.  I know that when we’re not on a time crunch, the beauty of Real Life presents itself.

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For more tips on what to wear and bring, scroll to the bottom.

How does a family photo session work?

The first thing we do together is choose a location.  Then we set a time for the shoot.  On the day of the shoot itself, we will meet at our pre-determined location and get started.  Before I even take a single photograph, I want to get to know everyone.  I will show you a couple of helpful posing tips and language I use to simplify the process. Spontaneity is our friend in a photograph.  The more you can enjoy yourselves and the adventure of the day the better your images will be!

Instead of just walking from landmark to landmark and working through a list of predetermined poses, we’ll simply take a walk and shoot along the way.  I’m looking for beautiful light, interesting compositional scenarios and then of course the gorgeous setting of where we are! While I set you in “poses”, making sure the lighting is perfect and everything is in place.  It’s more like subtle guides to interaction. How you are as a family.  Are you silly, loving, adventurous etc. Or perhaps you have an “idea” for a family session.  Such as painting a canvas together, family ski day, fishing trip or a canoe trip.  Since the first time I photographed a family in Telluride, Colorado in 2005, it is this very thing that makes me love what I do. Documenting the beauty and Real Life of your family in this beautiful part of the world!

What to wear to your family photography session?

I want you to be comfortable in your OWN style. Feel free to bring an outfit change and make sure you consider the entire outfit from head to toe.  This is because  your entire body will show in many shots. Plan out jewelry, tops, bottoms, and shoes in complete sets. Don’t forget the accessories – a great hat, belt, scarf, sunglasses, or shoes can take your outfit from cute to WOW.  Try to avoid anything with logos, words on them and loud prints.  Also, please consider that we may be tramping through the grass, a field, or even snow depending on the time of year, so plan extra shoes!

Avoid being to matchy-matchy.  Gone are the days of the whole family wearing white t-shirts and jeans.  You’ll want to simply complement each other, not copy. Use a pop of color to tie both of your outfits together.  Try on Everything a few days before the shoot.  Confidence in your choices will help you the day of your shoot.  And most importantly, where what you feel comfortable in. If you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing, it will show.

Can we bring our dogs?

Yes PLEASE! You have no idea how much joy this brings me to have the opportunity to meet the whole family.  I’m a huge dog lover and love the spontaneity and joy this brings to our session.  We won’t be incorporating them into every photo. So if we need to have someone else along to help manage the furrrbabes, it’s something to consider.  For other options, please let me know.

Can we bring props?

Bring them! Especially if they mean something extra special to your family. 

What if the weather is bad?

As a Telluride family photographer, most of my clients are coming in from out of town. I like to have 2 dates scheduled.  First date is the ideal day and time for you with the back up date being whatever works with you schedule.  Really the only thing I don’t like to shoot in is the wind!  The wind is unforgivable !  If it’s raining, usually we’ll get a window.  It’s not like the PNW, where it will rain ALL DAY LONG. Something to consider: clouds, snow and umbrellas make for awesome photographs!

What time of day should we schedule our family session?

Depending on the time of year and where you would like to shoot, will depend on what time we plan your session.  Typically, I like to shoot when the sun is lower on the horizon.  Either in the morning or the evening.  With that being said, with the right lighting we can shoot at anytime of day! If your eyes are sensitive to light, I would not recommend the middle of the day, when the sun is at its highest.  If you’d like to have sunset photos, I recommend planning your session to start an hour before the sun sets or 30 minutes if you have little ones.  If you’re planning a winter shoot, morning time is best.  This also allows for you to have the rest of the day to ski or hike!

How many photos will receive from our family session?

The average family session produces around 50-75 images.  

When will we see our family photos?

Standard turn-around time for family sessions is 2-3 weeks. 

How will we see and receive our family photos?

2-3 weeks after your Telluride family photography session, we will schedule a zoom or meet in person to view your images for the first time.  I encourage you to watch this on your TV or your biggest screen. We will watch your slideshow set to music and you will see my favorites from our session. Then we will go through the images and narrow down your selection to the very best and place your order. I will hold your hand through the entire process.  Once your order is placed you will receive your MP4 Slideshow to download and keep forever. Plus, it’s a great way to share with your loved ones. Here are some examples of what your slideshow and mp4 will look like:

Telluride family photography session during summer : Telluride Family Photographer Real Life Photographs

Winter Family Session : Telluride Family Photography Session in the Winter

 Whether your considering adventuring with your family in the Telluride, Washington, Colorado or somewhere else in the world.  Please reach out, I’d love to connect with you.  Documenting the beauty of Real Life and serving my clients with amazing images and experience are my top priority! For your next Telluride Family Session or somewhere else click the link below to book now!

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