Power of Print

A cool Idea for your engagement photographs

You spent all that time planning your engagement session, from the location, to the clothes, endless searches on Pinterest for the perfect poses and you have all of these gorgeous photographs so now what?!! Well, here’s a cool idea for your engagement photographs and the power of print.

Obviously, you don’t want to plaster your home with images of the two of you and honestly, how often will you look at the images on your computer? OK, so maybe you will look at them but what about in 20 years from now. Will you even know where they are? If you print them in a book or album, you will have them forever! Better yet, create a custom book with your engagement images that your guests can leave their loving thoughts for the two of you. That’s the power of print!

If you’re not interested in a custom guest book, go for an album or a book. Or pick your favorite image and get a large print for your home or a gift print—Anything! Encouraging you to print something. Think of how your grand children will view your photographs. Will they have access to your digital files 10, 20 years from now? That’s the power of print.

Real Life Photographs is a Telluride, Colorado based wedding photography studio that specializes in weddings and elopements. Kaycee, a Telluride wedding photographer, accepts only 20 wedding commissions per year, local and international. Providing an exceptional client experience is her number one goal, along side of beautiful imagery that will last you and yours a lifetime. She provides the digital files but wants her clients to know the importance of the power of print! Contact her today to see if your wedding date is available.


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