10 reasons for a Telluride Elopement

Elopement or Wedding?

Telluride Elopement

Whether you’re going to have a Telluride elopement or an intimate wedding. Here are 10 fabulous reasons to elope in Telluride, Colorado. I’m seeing a huge increase in Telluride elopements over the past couple of years. And it seems more and more couples are scrapping all the planning and politics of a big wedding. As a result, making a break for it. Couples are eloping for a more a more intimate, authentic experience and perhaps with a little adventure.

Whatever the reason you’re eloping. And wherever you’re eloping to, it’s still just as important to make it special. Whatever you’re kind of special is. Whether that’s at a private home at 12, 000 feet. Or a ski date with your fiancé and a hike to with a gorgeous mountain back drop. To help you plan your perfect party for two, here are 10 reasons to elope in Telluride, Colorado or anywhere else in the world. I think the tips will apply 🙂

Telluride San Sophia Overlook elopement

Make it all about you!

If you’ve decided to elope (how exciting!) then one of the biggest benefits is that you can make it all about the two of you! Make sure you do exactly what YOU want to do, be as formal or as informal as you like, all that matters is that the day is special to you as a couple…so say goodbye to wedding conventions and hello to your personalities!

2. DON’T feel guilty

Couples often feel guilty about their decision to elope. While this is completely natural, you shouldn’t feel you have to justify your decision to anyone. Your wedding day is exactly that, YOUR wedding day.

So do what’s best for the two of you. All good friends and family will understand, and for any that have difficulty coming to terms with it, try to remember it’s only because they love you and want to share your moment too, not because they’re being difficult (in most cases anyway!)

San Sophia Overlook Telluride Elopement

3. Plan an event or a party at home

If you’re struggling with point number 2) then why not plan a cocktail party at home? Nothing extravagant (we don’t want to defeat the point of eloping), but a few casual drinks with a couple of your nearest and dearest can be a lovely idea. If you wait until after your wedding day then I recommend playing a slideshow of your wedding images; a great way make your loved ones feel included. Check out this elopement slideshow to get an idea of what you can share with your family:

reasons to elope in Telluride

4. You don’t have to worry about the guest list 🙂

A serious benefit to eloping is you don’t have to face the usual guest list politics…no further explanation needed! Insert applause here.

5. Make the most of your savings.

A common reason for eloping is that costs of a larger wedding can easily get out of hand. Make the most of elopement cost savings and treat yourselves to something a little luxurious, be it an amazing meal or gorgeous accommodation (you know you want to!). Telluride has some of the best accommodations as well as food around. You will be surprised what this little town can offer you!

winter telluride elopement

6. Focus on what’s important.

A part from your beautiful marriage, take the extra time to capture some incredible photographs of the two of you. With out a timeline or guests waiting on you, you have the opportunity to go somewhere with amazing views, ski, helicopter, hike to an incredible location. Even if you just stay where you said your, “I do’s”, take the time. You and your photographer will thank you.

As a Telluride elopement photographer, I’m often thrown to timelines getting off course and the couple’s photo time is usually the time to get cut. But, isn’t that why you hired me? To capture the two of you? Your love? Having extra time allows me to get creative. We are not rushed, we’re able to try different things and have FUN!!

7. Hire a wedding planner.

There is a tendency to think that on a smaller scale you can manage things yourselves…and potentially you can.

However, if you’re eloping, it probably means you’re going somewhere and are unfamiliar with the area, in which case my advice would always be to hire a Telluride wedding planner or a day of coordinator to make sure everything goes smooth. Get you the right vendors for your style. Telluride has the best wedding planners. I actually love all of my vendors. I’m pretty lucky to live and shoot in a place with so much talent. But most importantly, the hearts of the people I work with are simply amazing! Otherwise, I’m here to help 🙂

Favorite Telluride Wedding Planners

Kristen Rosenbaum and K2 Events https://www.k2eventco.com/

Meehan Fee with Telluride Unveiled at http://tellurideunveiled.com

Kathleen Cole at Telluride Presents http://telluridepresents.com/gallery

Monique and Mary Ellen with Simplify Telluride https://www.simplifytelluride.com/events

Wendy Hampton at Soirée Telluride http://www.telluridesoiree.com/

8. Don’t limit yourselves

With a much smaller wedding party you’ll have plenty more options available to you so don’t limit yourselves to wedding venues only. You can go ANYWHERE.

9. Telluride wedding vendors – the BEST!

From planning, to flowers, cakes, food, elopement photographers, musicians, transportation. We honestly care about you and your experience. I’m grateful everyday that I get the honor of working with such incredible talents, who have the biggest hearts. There’s no doubt that we are all here for you and your time here in the beautiful mountains.

10. You’re longing for an adventure!

What better way to kick off a marriage full of fun, than with a trip somewhere you’ve never been or return to Telluride and do something here you’ve never done before? Take a helicopter, say your vows at the top of a snowy peak and ski the rest of your day. Followed up by a beautiful evening by candle light, just the two of you.

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