Telluride Engagement

Telluride Engagement

I love it when couples incorporate their dogs into a Telluride engagement session. Something about Telluride and dogs. I love dogs. I’m a huge dog lover. It always adds an element of surprise and gives a little spontaneity to the session PLUS how could you not incorporate the whole fam!

No matter where in the world your engagement session takes us, whether it’s Telluride or not. I love capturing you, your love, however you define it. With an open mind and your willingness to try a bunch of different things. I like to have fun, and spontaneity is what creates magic in a photographs. So if you’re into fun and you’re looking for a Telluride engagement or wedding photographer, I’d love to hear from you. Be sure to check out my work on the platforms below. Or if you’re interested in seeing if your wedding date is available please call me or submit a contact form on the website. Looking forward to catching up! Cheers, Kaycee



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