Telluride Ah Haa Wedding

Telluride Ah Haa Wedding

Brittain and Carey said their “I do’s” this spring in beautiful downtown Telluride.  Brittain, like the country and Carey, like Carey Grant.  In their words….

We met Saturday, January 9, 2016. My best friend Jessie (MoH) and her now husband kept telling me that I needed to come meet them at this place called Skellig in Dallas. It is a low key pub for Dallas and it is typically somewhere we always end up for games, etc. I was super hesitant. It was cold, I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t feeling doing my hair, I couldn’t get an appointment at The Dry Bar to get my hair done, I just overall was not feeling going out. Jessie kept telling me that the basketball game was on (Texas Tech vs. Kansas – which Carey and I both went to Texas Tech) and the OU game which is why Jessie and Zach were there. Finally I agreed to go and meet them, but I said that I was going to be super casual. So I put on jeans, a Texas Tech shirt, a puffy black and red vest, black uggs, my hair in a ponytail, and my glasses on… I was so comfortable and I had no idea I would spend the entire night talking to Carey. Jessie and I were waiting on some of our friends to show up and so we went to grab a drink while we waited for the dart board to open up/ our friend Allen to get there. We saw a guy with a beanie on with dark hair and assumed that it was Allen. So Jessie and I both yelled “Al!!!” The guy turned around and yelled back to us “Not Al!!!” This guy turned out to be Jordan Wilson… one of Carey’s Groomsmen. Jessie and Jordan knew each other and instantly started talking because they had run into each other at this same place many times. I didn’t want to leave Carey all alone as they were talking and I hate awkward silence, so I introduced myself and said that I was Brittain… like the country. He said I am Carey… like Carey Grant. We spent the rest of the night talking and he actually ended up driving me home that night. I think I asked him 50 times if he was creepy and I might have looked at his driver’s license to make sure it was him 🙂


Telluride wedding photographer

gorgeous flowers by Bridal Veil Floral

Wedding Planner: Kathleen Cole Telluride Presents

Flowers:  Bridal Veil Floral

Dinner:  Brown Dog Pizza

Venue:  Ah Haa School for the Arts

Documented by Telluride Wedding photographer Kaycee Joubert and Real Life Photographs, Capturing the love, magic and adventure of your wedding day.

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